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7 Ways to achieve your first Pull-up

So you want your first pull-up?  Well, follow these 7 steps and you can make that a reality.  

1) Mobility Work-  In order to do Pull-ups and avoid possible shoulder injury, make sure to get the shoulder, chest, and back up to par.  The absolute best way is to implement Iron Scap work 3 x week.  It trains the small muscles of the shoulder and scapula which are the ones that can really get strained if not properly strengthened.

2)Static Holds-  Building grip strength is essential when performing pull-ups, so static holds, hanging from the bar are great ways to build that grip.  Farmer carries and heavy Deadlifts are also great grip strength supplemental exercises.

3)Avoid using bands and jumping pull-ups- Strict band pull-ups can help a little, but keep the band light enough, so you are doing a majority of the work.  Jumping pull-ups rely on the momentum to get you to the top, but the rapid eccentric movement can create a lot of soreness and possible injury if the shoulder is not strong enough.

4)Get Stronger!-  Ring rows, heavy BB/DB/Kb Rows, and negatives are all great ways to build strength you will need to get that first pull-up. 

5) Focus on your plan-  Just like getting a bigger Squat or Deadlift, you have to set a plan and stick with it.  Once you get one pull-up, then focus on getting 2,3,4,5,etc.  

6)Don't jump into kipping-  This is something we don't allow at CFK anyway, but if you are working on your own, don't be tempted to kip to just get your chin to the bar.  If you do not have the strength to do at least 5 strict pull-ups, then you are not ready to kip.

7)Climbing Rope- Climbing rope uses a lot of lat and grip strength, which are both are needed in pull-ups.  Rope pulls from the ground are also a great way to build up to actual rope climbs.  

To read the full article on these 7 tips check out

I hope these tips help and if you need assistance with any or all of these tips, I am available for private sessions regularly so feel free to contact me today, or 678-575-1518 

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