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Announcing Our "Fit For Fall" Health and Nutrition Challenge

You’ve been asking – here it is!  We are very excited to launch CFK’s “Fit for Fall” Challenge.  

The challenge will run from Monday October 2nd, 2017 to Sunday November 12th, 2017 and will be centered around YOU and YOUR personal goals.

The focus of this nutrition challenge is to define YOUR own personal health and nutrition goals and center all of your actions over these 6 weeks to crushing YOUR goals. We will work together to help you define daily and weekly steps to set you up for success!

Why is nutrition so important?  20-30% of your health (that which is within your control) is a direct result of movement and exercise.  The rest? Nutrition. Not diet. Nutrition. And by nutrition we are talking about everything you ingest to make your body healthy. This means eating enough calories to fuel everything you do (not too much or too little) in a variety of foods that provide the right vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals for your body. You can do the first really well and fool the mirror by ‘looking’ great but the ‘health’ part doesn’t kick in without the latter. Looking good is great but being HEALTHY is priceless. Throughout the challenge we will focus on all facets of nutrition and teach you how to understand and manage them to meet YOUR specific goals.

The timing for this challenge is VERY purposeful. It’s that time of year people start becoming lax on nutrition and begin the downward spiral - football season into Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve! People give in to social pressures more around this time and gain an average of 5-7 lbs in just the last two months. We will help you kick off this season with focused goals that will keep you on track (and still have a little fun) through all of the celebrating and come out on the other side healthier than when you went in. 

Cost is $99 for 6 weeks challenge and below are all the things you get with this challenge:  

*Access to a group facebook page for recipes, meal plans, support, and information on a variety of topics such as tips for a healthy meal out, supplementation, timing of foods, how to fuel workouts and many more!

*In-Body metrics before and after the challenge and measurements to use as a guide (body fat %, lean muscle mass, weight) 

*Workouts in the beginning and end of the challenge to test your performance progress (1 strength focused and 1 conditioning focused – scaling to your level is permitted and encouraged, but you will do same scaling at beginning and end).  CrossFit, F&S, AND Legends will all be programmed to help you excel at the movements in this program!

*Goal setting session with a coach focused on your goals for the next 6 weeks and developing a plan to help you reach those goals

*Follow up session with a coach at the end of the nutrition challenge to review successes and road blocks and set a new goal, since you will have knocked yours out of the park!

But how do I win???  Well, you win if you apply everything you learn to meet your goals ☺  However, of course, there is a point system!

Points system:

5 points for attending the initial goal setting session prior to start or first week of the challenge

2 points for scheduling your follow up session during your initial session

2 points for completing the follow up session

2 points for doing the In Body before AND 2 points for doing it at the end (if you do not want to do InBody, 1 point for measurements before and 1 point for measurements after)

1 point per post on social media of prepped food or meal that meets your goals (max 3/week) 

1 point per tracking exactly what you eat every day however is easiest for you (my fitness pal, notebook, electronic, on your hand… whatever is easiest for you up to 5 points per week)

1 point for Zen Planner check in (max 5 per week)

2 points per workout for completing each workout at the beginning of the challenge 

2 points per workout for completing each workout at the end 

2 points for taking an active rest day during the week (no intensity, no running, no weightlifting… low heart walks or hikes, mobility work)

Minus 1 point for drinking over 4 drinks in a 7 day period

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