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Our Beginners Classes are the perfect way to start your CrossFit journey


What:  We want to set you up for success in CrossFit. Our Beginners Classes are designed to teach you proper form and technique while slowly acclimating you to a consistent fitness routine.  The program is self-paced–you can be in the Beginners Classes for two weeks or two months.  It all depends on where you start and how quickly you want to advance. We will guide you throughout your time in the the Beginners Classes and help you know when it is time to move into the regular classes.

Who:  Anyone.....and we mean anyone who wants to improve their fitness! Whether you want to get healthier for general life things or you have a specific goal in mind, our Beginners Classes will help you gain some traction.  

Where:  CrossFit Kennesaw - 1349 Old 41 Highway Suite 150 Marietta Ga 30060.  We are located in the Kennesaw Mountain Business Park near the intersection of Bells Ferry and Old 41.

When:  We have 10 Beginners Classes 6 days a week:

M - F at 8:30am

M - Th at 730pm 

Sat at 10:30am

You can join in the Beginners Classes anytime. Before being able to move on from the Beginners Classes to our regular CrossFit Classes, you will need to be able to show proficiency on a variety of bodyweight, barbell, and other movements. Don't worry; we'll teach you everything you need to know to move into the regular classes when you're ready!


Your enrollment in our Beginners Class also includes an FMS screen with Coach Jenn.  FMS, the functional movement screen, is a 20 minute screen designed to reveal any potential movement pattern issues that you may have that could increase your risk for injury or limit you in CrossFit. Based on the individualized results of your FMS, we can give you mobility and stability exercises to do on your own at home or before or after class to help you strengthen that weak link in your movement chain. 


Cost:  $129 for one month of Beginners Classes


Experienced CrossFitters (at least 6 months experience) are welcome to try a free class

Looking for something more? Our Couch to CrossFit program is designed for those who are wanting to take a little more time or have a one-on-one introduction to our program before transitioning into our regular CrossFit classes.

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