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Our coaching staff is well-educated, diverse, and knowledgable. We work together to bring YOU the best fitness experience we can. 

Chris Shewmaker, Owner and Head Trainer        

Jenn Casey, CrossFit Kids, Swing Fit, Functional Movement Screening

Lisa Frank Swing Fit

Afra Gerstenfeld, Legends, Barbell Club, Health Coaching

Gavin McGuire, CrossFit Trainer

Emily Meek, Fast and Strong

Jessica Monahan, CrossFit Trainer

Laura Shewmaker, CrossFit Trainer

Gina Wileman, Fast and Strong

Chris Shewmaker

Call Sign- Shew

Shew in 25 words or phrases  

Goal oriented, driven, looks like Jim Carey, ridiculous, passionate, caring, intelligent, calculated, hard working, excited, trustworthy, attention to detail, smartass, compassionate, A.D.D., part of something bigger, humble, confident, never gonna grow up, helping, amazing chef, unwavering, family oriented.

Why CrossFit? 

It's a new challenge every single day. Some days you can kill it, and other days you get waxed. The fun part is getting through it each and every time.

Favorite movie quote  

"You can't have no in your heart" - Joe Dirt

Why? Yeah, I quoted Joe Dirt. It's a really good quote if you think about it. If you don't believe you can do/achieve/be/become something, and I mean, truly believe, it has no chance of happening. You must approach life, and everything in it, with all of your heart.

Resume aka the important stuff  

I have been involved with CrossFit since 2009. I opened CrossFit Kennesaw in June '10. I hold my CF Level 1 cert, CF Level 2 cert, CF Endurance, as well as the CF Olympic Lifting cert, and the Pendlay Olympic Lifting seminar.  I grew up in East Cobb and graduated from Lassiter High School. Then I attended UGA, and yes, I graduated from there too. After a stint as a financial advisor, I decided to follow my true passion.


Favorite motivational quote

"The Bottom Line. Face it!  Nobody owes you anything.  What you achieve or fail to achieve in your lifetime is directly related to what you do or fail to do.  No one chooses his parents or his childhood, but you can choose your own direction.  Everyone has problems and obstacles to overcome, but that too is relative to each individual.  Nothing is carved in stone!  You can change anything in your life if you want to badly enough.  Excuses are for losers! Those who take responsibility for their actions are real winners in life.  Winners meet life challenges head on knowing their are no guarantees and give it all they've got and never think its too late or too early to begin.  Time plays no favorites and will pass whether you act or not.  Take control of your life.  Dare to dream and take risks.......Compete!  If you aren't willing to work for your goals,don't expect other to.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!


Laura Shewmaker

Call Sign  Laura '1000' Watts

Words/phrases to describe me  

Bubbly, excitable, particular, love my community, quick, dramatic, runner, LOVES pull-ups, country music junkie, dances while lifting, dances while coaching, did I mention dancing?, fave WOD music - Hip Hop, early riser, yogi, sensitive, determined, CrossFitter.


Why CrossFit?  

I have been a fitness/wellness lover for for years and years, always training for some event or race. I spent most of my time at Globo gym or in the yoga studio. I came to CrossFit on accident... After some difficult life events I was gearing up for a move across the country and I needed a gym to workout out in for a few weeks until the move. I took my first class at CFK and was instantly hooked, I wanted to learn how to do it all!... needless to say my weeks have become years, and training has become so much about inspiring others to live a more healthy lifestyle. I was just looking for a place to get a few workouts in, what I ended up with is a global community (ya, that big!) and an amazing support system.

Favorite Quote  

Begin and inspiration will find you.


Sometimes taking a step in a different direction is hardest, but once you take that first step the rest will usually work itself out. If we never try, nothing ever changes :)

Resume and the important stuff  

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Crossfit Mobility Trainer

Yoga Fit Level 1 Trainer



Jenn Casey


Call Sign  Jenn

You in 25 words or phrases  

Happily married homeschooling mom of three hilarious kids. Passionate about ideas for living a full, happy life. Needs a clone and/or minions and/or more hours in the day so I can implement all of my brilliant ideas.

Why CrossFit? 

In September 2010, after several years of making slow and steady improvements to my health and fitness, I decided to give CrossFit a try. I was interested in CrossFit because of the emphasis on functional movements, and the varied workouts and great community of people at CrossFit Kennesaw kept me coming back. I soon learned that I love lifting, and also that I could improve in areas that were more difficult for me. One of the proudest (and loudest!) moments of my life was when I finally got a pull up! 

My kids have always enjoyed coming to the gym with me and would often ask me questions about the workouts. My oldest two started to become more interested in learning some of the movements, and that's when I seriously considered going for the L1 certification and CrossFit Kids certification, both of which I completed in the fall of 2012. Coaching kids through the movements and playing games with them helps keep CrossFit fresh and fun for me. 

Favorite movie quote  

"Get busy living, or get busy dying." The Shawshank Redemption            


Because I think this is the essence of the choices we all face each day. (Hint: go for option #1!) When I find myself at a loss for what to do next, I pick something that will further my life just a little bit. That strategy WORKS.

Resume aka the important stuff  

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level 1 and Level 2


Favorite motivational quote  

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it's yours.”- Ayn Rand



Afra Gerstenfeld

Call Sign  AG

Words/phrases to describe me  

Smiley, supportive, love to see others succeed, Type A, experimental chef, nerdy, goal-driven, tells it like it is (so I'm told), loves talking fitness and good nutrition and watching others embrace their own version of both

Why CrossFit?  

"I've been up in the gym working on my fitness" like Fergie for years.  Played some high school sports but nothing really clicked until I started group fitness in the globo gyms - aerobics, body pump.  I loved them so much I became an aerobics instructor/personal trainer but for my own training spent hours on the boring elliptical machine and subsequently running endless miles to complete training for a few marathons in the battle to 'get skinny'.  I was burned out by hours of boring training and wimpy arms that couldn't maintain muscle from all the cardio.  I googled 'bodyweight fitness' when I moved to GA and found the link for CrossFit.  Went in for one trial workout and never looked back.  My arms are no longer wimpy and I can run a faster mile than I ever had logging 30+ miles/week.  CrossFit took me from making excuses to skip a workout to scheduling my entire day around my workout.  It never gets easy but you get better EVERY day with CrossFit.  It's an amazing community of supportive people all from different athletic or non-athletic backgrounds working to be the best version of themselves and having a great time doing it, while achieving things they never dreamed possible.  I was given the unbelievable opportunity to coach these great people and can honestly say nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone work so hard to improve themselves daily!

Favorite Quote 

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky


There are so many quotes I love but this says it all about life.  Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and take chances.  The answer is always no if you don't ask the question and you've missed the opportunity if you never try.

Resume and the important stuff  

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Underground Strength Coach


Gina Wileman


Call Sign: Gina

Words/phrases to describe me: 

wife, mom, first born, big sister, ga dawg, fsu seminole, interior designer, athlete, hard worker, party lover, new yorker, mostly Italian, just about ambidextrous, totally Leo, focused, supportive, good listener, passionate, goal oriented, and stubborn as hell.


Why CrossFit?

It was fate! The only reason I walked in to CF was because I had ordered food and CF was the delivery location! I didn’t know what CF was, and had no idea that I needed or wanted it.  Honestly, when I walked into the box I was already pretty happy with my fitness. I was running, teaching indoor cycling, and doing ALL the races (ranging from short distance running races to long distance multisport events)!  But my curiosity got the best of me, and I took a look around “the box.”  It was completely different than any training I had ever done before.  I decided to give it a try, with hopes that it would make me the most amazing triathlete of all time ever (slight exaggeration).  That isn’t why I stayed though…or what happened.

I became a CrossFitter because it excited me, challenged me, intimidated me, and sometimes yes, scared the hell out of me!  I wanted CF because I couldn’t do any of it, but wanted to do it all.  I loved CF because it helped me to find my strong, taught me that eating was good and fat wasn’t bad.  I needed CF, but not to make me the most awesome triathlete or to train for any single event (although it DID make me faster).  I needed CF to train for LIFE!

Why CF??  Because CF has strengthened me both physically and mentally, and has forever changed my view on health and fitness.  I am a better wife, mom, sister, Italian, etc. because of it, and I cannot imagine my life without it! ☺


Favorite movie quote and why?  

Ain’t no one got time for movies!  Music inspires me.  A few of my all-time favorite songs to train to are Remember the Name (Fort Minor), Lose Yourself and Till I Collapse (Eminem).


These songs (lyrics) remind me (even as I’m REALLY uncomfortable) not to compromise my goals.  Telling yourself you can (even through a song) can have a very powerful effect on your effort and level of intensity (AKA results)!

Favorite motivational quote  

“Strength doesn’t come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will. –Gandhi


Resume and the important stuff

CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

Mad Dogg Spinning Star 1 Certified Instructor

ACE Boot Camp Certified Instructor

Gavin McGuire

Jessica Monahan

Emily Meek

Lisa Frank

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