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Fit For Fall Challenge Results!

CFK’s Fit For Fall Challenge has come to a close and we would like to congratulate all participants for their efforts both in the gym and kitchen.

Whether they were eating carbohydrates or fats as their main source of energy the participants all SET A GOAL in the beginning of the challenge and focused on crushing that goal week in and week out.  That doesn’t mean they were perfect all the time.  But they did not let anything derail them or take their eyes off their goal.  The participants stayed committed and focused.

 And without further ado here are the winners:

1st place: Jackie Levine

2nd place: Sherri Bateman

3rd place: David Harris

Give these folks a round of applause when you see them!  Also congratulate anyone else who you know has finished this challenge.


Over 95% of those that retested the lifts and metcons improved in one or more of the lifts AND improved in one or more of the metcons.  Many participants improved in all metrics!  

They saw the improvements.  They persevered and succeeded.  They lifted heavy and pushed on metcons.  Some realized they enjoy cooking. They ate.  And they lost.  BOY did they ever lose.

Average amount of body fat lost per person doing the follow up weigh in/meeting was 8 lbs over 6 weeks with no loss in muscle mass (~3% average BF loss).  Usually weight loss is equal parts muscle and fat loss but not in this challenge!  The highest fat loss was upwards of 18 lbs!  


Those who participated in the challenge now have the education and the tools to continue eating healthy going forward.  This is a lifestyle change, not just a 6 week challenge.

They also learned the scale is a great tool to use as an indicator of what is happening but it does not tell the whole story!  Some folks lost very little overall weight but gained muscle mass and lost fat mass which well help with performance and longevity.  

We will be doing testimonials with folks from the challenge over the next few week, so please keep an eye out. 

Weren’t able to get into this challenge this time?  Don’t worry we will have one ready for the beginning of 2018   And if you are interested in a more personalized nutrition approach please schedule a session here   

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