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Friday 6/7/13


  • Clsoe Grip Bench press (keep elbows in to the sides) 5 x 5
    • 1 x burn-out set with 1/2 the weight you worked up to.  Yep, just said "burn out" set.
  • Split Stance KB/DB Row 5 x 5/5 Slow and controled really focusing on bringing shoulder blade back and weight to the hip.

MetCon: SPRINT!!!!!!!

  •  10 RFT
  •  Deadlifts (205/135, 185/115) x 5
  • Wall Balls x 7
  • Sprint from Cone to fence and back to cone

Set-up will be all DL's will be set up behind the cone which will be close to the rings.  You will SPRINT from cone to fence and back after completing your DL's.  Reps and weight is low enough to do everything unbroken, so go for it!


  • Ring transition drills 3 x 8
  • Ring Dips 3 x 8
  • Ring Support holds 3 x 30 sec.

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