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My husband and I have been at CFK for about 3 months now and after visiting many other local boxes, we choose CFK because of the attention you get from the coaches! Having had coaches in the past that did not pay attention to our form, this is the #1 thing we were looking for. Thanks to these amazing & attentive coaches, we have both PR'd almost every lift! VERY happy we found this box and would recommend all our friends and family to join here! ‚Äč-Meg and Mike Longyear


This is not a gym it is an experience - A group of 150 people under the supervision of great coaches - motivate and support each other as every athlete strives to become the very best they can possibly be - Physically and Mentally. Beginners, hobbyists, and pros, should come check it out - there is something here for everyone. -Bob Hobbs



The perfect CF box exclusively OTP! Caters to competitive, recreational and social members with spot-on programming. Elite CFK athletes show respect, guidance and support for the learners. Experienced coaches will guide you further in your conditioning while always emphasizing proper form/technique.  - Matt DeFrain


I have been a member of CrossFit Kennesaw for two years, and I have enjoyed every single minute of my time with them. The coach's dedication to their members is extremely refreshing. It embodies the "community" mind set that everyone talks about when they describe CrossFit. They have pushed me to be a better version of myself and for that I am grateful. The gym offers great programming, fantastic coaches, a fun atmosphere, and an overall sense of family.         -Missy Morgan



Recently someone asked me why I do CrossFit and my answer was a quick "because I like it!" Then later I started thinking about that question more. My mind went back to my journey over the last two years from where I started at over 300 pounds with a bunch of serious health issues and a complete inability to even walk around the block, or enjoy the simple parts of my life. I reached a point where I knew I ...needed to go to a gym where the coaching was strong because I just couldn't make myself do the work on my own--- believe me, I tried. I found CrossFit Kennesaw. I was scared out of my mind until I met another woman in the gym who told me she wanted to be strong and fit and have endurance. She told me it was a shift of thinking for her as a woman to be strong but that it helped her in all the other aspects of her life. At that moment I realized that while becoming a badass in the gym would be awesome, being a badass while carrying groceries to the car, and playing with my kids, and not huffing and puffing all the time would be freaking amazing! The gym started a new training program called Fast & Strong which balances cardio work, strength and mobility in an upbeat, encouraging and well coached class. The class has a bunch of non judgmental folks who are all on their own journeys but are usually in a very positive frame of mind. This good energy has encouraged me to lose a lot of weight, try new fitness activities and be more confident in what I can achieve. In fact, tomorrow I will put on my running shoes to go for my 7th 5k this year. If you are thinking of how you can be a better you but need the help, give F&S a try, it CAN change your life!  -Stephanie De Benedictis