Saturday 5/3/14

Partner Up!  


  • As partners take 20  minutes to establish a 3 RM Push Press.  Add your best lift scores for Total.  

Partner MetCon: 

  • For Time:
  • Partner WB Pass x 100 - Partners will stand 8 ft apart and Rainbow throw to each other.  Catch, squat, and throw back to partner.  Ball must go at least 8 ft. high.
  • Partner WB Chest Pass to Burpee x 100- Partner will throw Ball to partner, drop to a Burpee and get up to catch ball again.
  • WB partner sit-ups x 100- Partners will lock ankles and sit-up with Ball passing to partner.
  • KB Snatch (32/20, 24/16) x 100
  • KB Goblet Squat x 100
  • 100m Run Relay x 12