CrossFit Kennesaw is more than an average CrossFit gym.

CFK is a community of people who are working hard and supporting each other to better their lives. Our members include competitive athletes and people who are just beginning their fitness journey; kids, grandparents, and everyone in between; students, small business owners, computer programmers, and at-home parents.

Though we are all a little different, we are bound together by our common desire to be better versions of ourselves each and every day, and we all believe that CFK is an integral part of that process.

With CrossFit, each member gets a great workout that is modified and scaled as necessary to their current fitness level and physical goals. Our coaches pride themselves on teaching and reinforcing good, stable movement patterns, and working with our members to help them progress in the best way possible for them. We believe that this focus on our individual members and dedication to good form and technique is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest.

The other thing that makes CFK special is the welcoming, supportive atmosphere. Our classes are positive, our members encouraging and supportive, and our knowledgable coaches are upbeat and helpful.

If you’ve been thinking about trying CrossFit, there is no better time than NOW, and no better place than CrossFit Kennesaw! Contact us today to schedule your No Sweat Intro and learn more about how you can begin or continue your fitness journey with CFK!