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Nutrition is the basis for health and fitness and is the foundation for your performance not only in CrossFit but life in general.  With nutrition being the foundation for all things health and exercise isn’t it unfortunate that self-directed weight loss plans fail over 70% of the time?

Are you ready to finally see lasting results by taking control of your health and fitness?  Is it time to embrace it’s not JUST about calories in and calories out?   Would you like to know which foods provide energy, help you recover, and can improve your performance?



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If so then you are ready for the CFK Health Coaching Program.  One of my favorite quotes is ‘The GOOD program you FOLLOW is better than the PERFECT program you DON’T’.  We will work with you to develop a program YOU can follow.

Through our health coaching program we will help you learn long term habits of choosing health and educate you on what TO EAT (instead of what not to eat).

People mostly fail because they are not specific about their goals and they are doing it alone.  Let us walk with you down the path of defining your nutrition goals and understand how to fuel for your life and goals.


  1. PROVEN RESULTS.  The plans have been working successfully for the last two years at CFK.  When following the plans consistently people have seen great results and improved performance.
  2. GOAL DRIVEN.  We will start with YOUR specific goals and develop a plan that fits your lifestyle as well as show you how to implement the plan for maximum results.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY & ACCESS.  The most difficult part of changing a lifestyle is feeling alone or stopped in your tracks when you are unsure of what to do next.  With the different level of plans you can choose which level of accountability and access you’d like to help keep you on track.

We have four levels in the plan so you can choose which level of education, accountability, and access are right for you.




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BASE PLAN $39/month

Ideal Candidate:  People who understand their nutritional needs but are interested in new ideas and support.


  • Access to motivational, supportive & informative FB group which includes:
    • Recipes/videos
    • Nutrition education
    • Tips for eating out and food prepping
    • How to develop healthy habits
    • Motivation and support

SILVER PLAN $149/month

Ideal Candidate:  People who need to understand the detailed nutritional requirements for their lifestyle.


  • Everything in Base Plan plus:

+ Customized Nutrition Plan

+ In Body Before and After

+ 60 minute kick off & one 30 min follow up

+ Sample week meal plan


GOLD PLAN $209/month

Ideal Candidate:  People who need to understand their nutritional requirements and want accountability.


  • Everything in Silver Plan plus:

+ Weekly 30 minute check-ins

+ Monday morning picture review 

+ Email Support

+ Weekly Weigh-Ins


PLATINUM PLAN $249/month

Ideal Candidate:  People with very specific fitness and performance goals in a certain timeframe who also want accountability and access.


  • Everything in Gold Plan plus:

+ Daily Food Log Review

+ Measurements every 2 weeks

+ 3 x/week weigh-ins


Other services available upon request:  meal planning and prep education, grocery store field trips to show you how to shop successfully for healthy food, kitchen set up (and cupboard clean out)

Stop letting ‘tomorrow’ get away from you or putting self-imposed limits on what your body is capable of.  Let’s get started today!  Click to schedule your intro appointment.  Contact Coach Afra at 814-882-4021 or with any questions.



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