Jenn Casey

Why CrossFit? 

I am here at CrossFit Kennesaw (since 2010) so that I can help encourage kids and adults alike to develop a lifelong love of movement. Find movement you love to do, and do it!

Inspirational Quote

“Nobody but me is gonna change my story.” Matilda the Musical

Certifications and Accomplishments

Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level 1 and Level 2

IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 2

Double Goal Coach Certified (Positive Coaching Alliance)

2017 and 2018 US Team Member to International Union of Kettlebell Lifters World Championships (2017–4th Place One Arm Long Cycle, 2018–Gold Medal Long Cycle)

American Kettlebell Lifters Union Founding Board Member

Youth Activities Commission Member for the World Kettlebell Sport Federation