Laura Shewmaker

CrossFit Trainer

Call Sign  Laura ‘1000’ Watts

Words/phrases to describe me

Bubbly, excitable, particular, love my community, quick, dramatic, runner, LOVES pull-ups, country music junkie, dances while lifting, dances while coaching, did I mention dancing?, fave WOD music – Hip Hop, early riser, yogi, sensitive, determined, CrossFitter.

Why CrossFit?

I have been a fitness/wellness lover for for years and years, always training for some event or race. I spent most of my time at Globo gym or in the yoga studio. I came to CrossFit on accident… After some difficult life events I was gearing up for a move across the country and I needed a gym to workout out in for a few weeks until the move. I took my first class at CFK and was instantly hooked, I wanted to learn how to do it all!… needless to say my weeks have become years, and training has become so much about inspiring others to live a more healthy lifestyle. I was just looking for a place to get a few workouts in, what I ended up with is a global community (ya, that big!) and an amazing support system.

Favorite Quote

Begin and inspiration will find you.


Sometimes taking a step in a different direction is hardest, but once you take that first step the rest will usually work itself out. If we never try, nothing ever changes 🙂

Resume and the important stuff  

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

Crossfit Mobility Trainer

Yoga Fit Level 1 Trainer