Specialty Programs and Services

We offer a number of specialty programs and services at CrossFit Kennesaw. Check them out below!

Fast & Strong


Swing Fit

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)


Fast & Strong

Are you an endurance athlete who wants to improve their race times? Or a CrossFitter who struggles to get through a mile run? If so, consider adding Fast & Strong into your training regimen to find the balance your body has been missing!

F&S is a strength and conditioning program open to all fitness levels. It is designed to increase proficiency with bodyweight movements, core strength, mobility, and overall strength and stamina. The program is ideal for those who prefer to skip the technical (Olympic) lifting, but truly desire to improve their endurance and conditioning.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday10:00-11:15am

For more info call Coach Gina @770-864-0640


The Legends program is focused on helping you gain and maintain mobility, functionality, strength, and health in your day to day life while adding a bit of fun, community, stamina, and increased energy. 

We focus on very specific strength and conditioning workouts to improve quality of life and health of our 55+ community or those that may be recovering from and injury or surgery and need to gradually increase their strength and performance. 

You will learn proper movement in a very safe environment where we meet you at the level where you are starting. The coaches take into account and manage around injuries, any short term nagging problems, or mobility limitations which we will also help you try to improve. 

People of all ages and abilities care about their health, fitness, and quality of life and we are here to help. Workouts are different every day. Class is approximately 50-60 minutes and you will learn how to safely execute all movements under the direction and supervision of a coach. We do not add weight until the coach understands your ability to do each movement. 

Class starts with a structured warm up and stretching to prepare the body. You will then do very specific strength work that will improve your day to day movement and life and finish with conditioning to improve your lungs and heart. Every movement and workout can be scaled to your abilities and we will progressively improve your strength, mobility, and intensity as we see how your body and mind react. 

You will see a variety of movements like squatting (you will be taught proper form), rowing, kettlebell work, shoulder stabilizing movements, and focus a lot on core. We do use barbells in some circumstances but do not do Olympic lifts. Everything can be modified to be performed with no weight or easily changed to use lighter dumbbells or kettlebells. 

The ultimate goal of every class is to improve your ability to function in day to day life and reduce risk of injury while in a safe and FUN environment. 

Our current members have claimed some of the following results: ability to get up and down stairs and off chairs easier, more stamina, increased energy, weight-loss, ability to play with children/grandchildren longer, improved blood tests, and improved ability to handle what life throws at them. Our goal is to make YOU as healthy as YOU can be. By building and maintaining muscle mass and working your heart and lungs you are helping prepare your body for all that life throws at you. You will be able to enjoy life more and reduce injury and disease risk. 

We have a system that will help you track your results and improvements so you can see your strength and cardiovascular improvements. If you are under the care of a doctor make sure you talk with your doctor on any limitations and communicate with your coach on any limitations. 

Classes are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 11:45 AM. If demand for additional classes increases, we will evaluate adding more. We hope this happens! 

Want to get started today? Contact coach Afra at 814-882-4021 or agerstenfeld10@gmail.com


Swing Fit

Interested in getting the benefits of functional movement and resistance training without the barbell work? Try Swing Fit! 

Swing Fit offers a unique and FUN way to get into resistance training and conditioning. It’s constantly varied functional movement with a kettlebell focus. 

Kettlebells are some of the most versatile fitness tools available. In addition to functional movements such as deadlifts and presses, kettlebells offer unique ways to do unilateral work, develop grip and core strength, and improve metabolic conditioning. 

Each Swing Fit class begins with a group warm up, kettlebell skill or strength instruction, a workout, and then mobility and cool down. 

Jenn Casey and Lisa Frank are the Swing Fit trainers, and each has years of experience working with kettlebells. They are also competitive Kettlebell Sport athletes and founders of Georgia Kettlebell Sport.

For more information, check out our Facebook page, or to sign up for your FREE TRIAL, email Jenn Casey at jenn@crossfitkennesaw.com


Functional Movement Screening

We want all of our CrossFit Kennesaw members to move both efficiently and safely. One way to ensure that you are training with good movement patterns is to get the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

FMS was developed in the late 90s by physical therapist Gray Cook, and has been shown to be an effective way to understand which movement patterns might need some improvement, with the goal of preventing injuries before they happen. For more information about FMS, you can check out their website here.

CFK Coach Jenn Casey is FMS Level 1 Certified (and has completed all current requirements in Level 2), and performs the screen and can program correctives to help you improve your score.

The FMS takes about 20 minutes of your time and can be done here at the gym. No special preparation is necessary, and you will be talked through all the steps. After the assessment, you will receive your FMS score, with some suggestions for corrective exercises to do at home or in the gym to help improve any trouble areas (such as asymmetries or movement deficiencies).

The basic screen plus initial corrective suggestions is $20, and it’s recommended that you get screened at least twice a year, when returning from an injury, or when returning to CrossFit Kennesaw after a significant break from activity.

If you are interested in something more long-term and focused, talk to Jenn about a correctives package, which would be several individual sessions (about 30 minutes long) to go over different exercises to work on at home, and before and after the WOD. This includes a rescreening in the last session to see how you’ve improved.

The FMS has been proven to improve movement patterns and help you move well, move often, and prevent injury. Email Jenn today at jenn@crossfitkennesaw.com about setting up an appointment for screening!