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Welcome to CrossFit Kennesaw, where fitness, strength, confidence, and fun converge!

CrossFit Kennesaw (located on Old 41 just south of the mountain) is here to help you change your life. Our program is based on General Physical Preparedness (GPP) principles, which will help you play with the kids longer, carry the groceries in more easily, and pursue whatever activities your heart desires. Simply put, we help prepare you for anything that life may throw at you.

We believe that our strengths as a gym come from our supportive community and certified coaching staff, who are passionate and dedicated to helping each member achieve their fitness goals. We will teach you all about how to move well, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, all while having some fun along the way. Our program, along with a solid nutrition plan, will help you achieve your goals. 

If you are ready for a positive change, Start Here!

Follow this link to our calendar to register for a No Sweat Intro!  Click the class on the calendar to register. 


  • Breathe Like a Crocodile

    In some ways, CrossFit is the kind of physical education many of us never received back in school. We are learning so much about how our bodies work, how to move during a workout, how to engage your core to do a heavy lift, how to stretch and use the foam roller to enhance mobility, how to listen to your body and push the pace or back off a bit.Heels down, chest up, elbows high, now send your hips back first, knees over your toes . .

  • The Long and Short of WODs

    Have you wondered why some of our workouts are really short (less than 5-7 minutes), and some seem to be really long (over 20 minutes)? This isn’t an accident or oversight. In fact, this is an integral part of the CrossFit approach to fitness.A critical aspect of the CrossFit philosophy is variation (which isn’t the same thing as randomness!).

  • It's A Little One-Sided

    Bulgarian split squats, single arm dumbbell presses, walking lunges, kettlebell snatches–we have all seen these and similar movements in the Strength or WOD. Unilateral movements, movements that work one arm or leg at a time, are valuable tools to help you move well inside and outside the gym. One of the main benefits of unilateral movements is that strength imbalances and movement asymmetries can be addressed. We’ve all noticed that one arm/leg seems to be a little, or may...

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