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Welcome to CrossFit Kennesaw, where fitness, strength, confidence, and fun converge!

CrossFit Kennesaw (located on Old 41 just south of the mountain) is here to help you change your life. Our program is based on General Physical Preparedness (GPP) principles, which will help you play with the kids longer, carry the groceries in more easily, and pursue whatever activities your heart desires. Simply put, we help prepare you for anything that life may throw at you.

We believe that our strengths as a gym come from our supportive community and certified coaching staff, who are passionate and dedicated to helping each member achieve their fitness goals. We will teach you all about how to move well, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, all while having some fun along the way. Our program, along with a solid nutrition plan, will help you achieve your goals. 

If you are ready for a positive change, Start Here!

Follow this link to our calendar to register for a No Sweat Intro!  Click the class on the calendar to register. 

Beginners Classes: Small group instruction for new CrossFit Kennesaw members to learn the basic movements

Couch to CrossFit: One-on-one instruction for new CrossFit Kennesaw members to get acclimated to fitness at your own pace

CrossFit: Come to any WOD (Workout of the Day) on our schedule once you have completed our Fundamentals or Couch to CrossFit program

CrossFit Kids: Strength and conditioning for kids ages 5 through teens focusing on good movement patterns and fun

Barbell Club: Develop your Olympic weightlifting technique with this specialty class

Fast & Strong: Strength and conditioning program with an endurance focus

Movement Screening: Functional Movement Screening (FMS) identifies potential opportunities for improving your movement patterns

Personal Training: One-on-one coaching to help you reach specific goals


  • Announcing the Cinco de Lifto CrossFit Competition!

    Grab three friends (for a total of two women and two men on your team), and mark your calendars for the Cinco de Lifto CrossFit Competition, at CFK on May 6.     If you've never tried a CrossFit team competition before, this is a great way get your feet wet. We host several team competitions every year, and we really throw a great comp, if we do say so ourselves. We'll have a Scaled division, for those who are really new to competing, and an Intermediate division, for...

  • The One About the CrossFit Open

    If you've been around the gym on a Saturday afternoon lately, you'll know that it's CrossFit Open season again! Many of CFK's members have undertaken this five week challenge (officially and unofficially) to see how they stack up against their peers, and of course, the elites.The Open is a great way to experience CrossFit the Sport, which is similar to, though different in many ways from, CrossFit the Fitness Program. It's worth reflecting on some of the reasons regular peopl...

  • You Ready For Some Pull-Ups?

    Pull-ups are one of the most common goals we hear about from our members. Many of our new members don't have pull-ups when they first walk in our doors, and some have never ever done one. For some of us, the pull up is deceptively simple and elusive, but that doesn't mean you can't get one!At the beginning of 2017, Coach Gina Wileman asked her Fast & Strong members about their goals.

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